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Record Shop

June 12, 2010

~Currently Listening to: Boys Like Girls- Kill Me in a Record Shop~
Kill me in a record shop now
One shot and you took me down
I could feel it when the arrow hit
You sunk me with your deadly lips
Your kiss, your kiss will be the ultimate

~On MeH~
HAIR ~ (Posh) ; I’m a hipster ; Make over ; Grey Scale
and fri. – Melanie.2 – Blonds
SKIN ~ *League* Skin Pale -Taylor- Twilight
EARS ~ ! V i s a v i – Epigon Ears – Studded
JACKET ~ **en Svale**  Denim Jacket(Bleach)
SHIRT ~ (Luck Inc) *SL* Sharkattack Top White
SOCKS ~ *Action Womens Craze Sox – Style 01
SHOES ~ UBU Porn stars
POSES ~ oOo Studio: Innocence and Glitterati


Silver and Cold

March 12, 2010

Currently Listening To: AFI- Silver and Cold
Light, like the flutter of wings, feel your hollow voice rushing into me
As you’re longing to sing
So I… I will paint you in silver, I will wrap you in cold
I will lift up your voice as I sink

Hey y’all! So I decided that I was going to play around with my shape a bit and make a fluffier version of myself. I also played around with my face a bit, I guess I got a little tired of the old me. And my friend Enju came over to play so I made him stand around while I took pics. He is super adorable so it was mad worth it!! I was reading Chilly and Kissy’s blog the other day when Kissy posted these jean shorts and oh my sweet baby jesus I loved them!! I have not taken them off since I bought them. They show off the new assimusmaxumus to the max! I freaking adore them. I paired them with the watermelon shirt from reek because everyone needs a little rainbows and sunshine every once and a while.. ❤

~On Enju~
SKIN ~ DEN-DOU | boys II Rock – Pale – Clean
TATTOO ~ Nekgo Design Tattoo 57 | Wolf Haka
HAIR ~ Girtty Kitty | Abel – brown
EARS ~ Illusions | Mystic Ear
NECKLACE ~ Kotolier Freebie
ARMBAND ~ Yabusaka | Alphabet Arm Band
BELT ~ :Sey | Carving Leather Pants Belt
SHIRT ~  Aituit | Three4th the Wizard
TANK ~ :Sey | Tanktop Emperor
JEANS ~ Aituit | Tokyo Jeans
BOOTS ~ :Sey | Layer’s boots in Snow

~On Me~
HAIR ~ *ARGRACE* Beanie –  Long Straight – Black
SKIN ~ :Curio: Petal-Cupid-Lovelorn
EARS ~ [ATOMIC] Mystic Elven  – Feather
SHIRT ~ Reek – Rawr & Bangin Tees – GIRLS
SHORTS ~ ALESSANDRA – Ultra Low Rise Jeans Shorts – BLACK
SOCKS ~ *KL* Kneehigh Socks Argyle Frenzy 01
SHOES ~  PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 (Boxed)
BANDAIDS ~ Reek – I Heart Bandaid (Knees)
BRACELETS ~ [/AMBUSH/] Candy Bracelets – Cotton Candy
>>> moloko <<< Cuffs Studded Punk Pink small right
COLLAR ~ Xcite! ToKon Tintable Fish Cat Collar

Going Green!

March 9, 2010



On Me
HAIR ~ Magika – Blonde Pack – Aurora
SKIN ~ -tb- Arctic Cold Skin
DRESS ~ (Elate!) Joy (Mint)
NECKLACES ~ (NO) Gapped Bead Necklace and
Bliensen + MaiTai – Embroidery Necklace
SHOES ~ UBU Pornstar Lo-Tops

Need You Now

March 3, 2010

Currently listening to: Need You Now- Lady Antebellum
Another shot of whiskey can’t stop looking at the door
Wishing you’d come sweeping in the way you did before
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk and I need you now
Said I wouldn’t call but I lost all control and I need you now
And I don’t know how I can do without
I just need you now


~On Me~
SKIN : :Curio: Petal-Cupid-Lovelorn
TOP : *Linc* The Hotness Bikini Skullieh
PANTS : [GearShift] – subZERO cargo shorts – PLUNDER
SHOES : PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
WRISTBANDS : .:Hermony:. – Studded Wristband (black)
BELTS : Reek – I Heart Themes Belt
EARS : :GAUGED: Elven Ears[Tunnels]
POSES and PHONE : * GLITTERATI – Profile photo

Say Hey!

December 23, 2009

Currently Listening to:
Say Hey! I Love You – Michael Franti Spearhead

But I know when the stars are aligned
you can bump into person in the middle of the road
look into their eyes and you suddenly know
Rocking in the dance hall moving with you
Dancing in the night in the middle of June
My momma told me don’t lose you
‘cause the best luck I had was you
I said Hey I be gone today
But I be back around the way
Seems like everywhere I go
The more I see the less I know
But I know one thing
That I love you


HAIR : [ATOMIC] Hair_Josie – Onyx
SKIN : [ATOMIC] Skin Winter_Porcelain – Frost (VIP Gift)
SHIRT : [ATOMIC] Sheer Comfort – Pure White
SWEATER : [ATOMIC] Cozy Cardi – Granny
PANTS : *UB* Hated Jeans *stripes pink*
SHOES : UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
TOTE: [ATOMIC] Canvas Art Tote – Brown
RINGS : (Elate!) Ruby Rose Ring POW-POW PACK diamond
PENCILS : Reek – Ear/Nose Pencils
NECKLACE : Reek – NES Necklace

Best of Me- Eddie From Ohio

August 23, 2009



Loving couples, holding hands
Shop and play hoops, making plans
Share a purpose, share a bed
Those loving couples, I wish they were dead

-On Me-
HAIR: fri. – Quinn – Blacks
SKIN: *League* Skin Pale/Dark -Misty- Classic
SWEATER: fri. – Short Cardi – Scrunched Sleeve (Green)
SHIRT: fri. – Capsleeve Tee (White)
JEANS: fri. – Designer Jeans (Regular Wash) – Cuffed
SHOES: SOREAL Superstars WHITE/Green

-On Chua-
Skin – Belleza – Miguel Med 7-E (hair)
Hair – UncleWeb – Uw.St  Grain-Hair type-B size-S  brown
Jeans – Kari – The Rascal jeans
Shirt – *Zanzo* Beaux-Artes Shirt (Coeur De Prune / untucked)
Shoes – Ubu drunks

Lovesick- Bob Dylan

August 21, 2009


I see, I see lovers in the meadow
I see, I see silhouettes in the window
I watch them ’til they’re gone and they leave me hanging on
To a shadow
I’m sick of love; I wish I’d never met you
I’m sick of love; I’m trying to forget you

So as a blogger, I am always happy to get free stuff.. Esp when it is from Luck Inc.
*Big Cheezy Grin*
I adore Luck Inc, and all of their clothes they fit my style just right.
As Chua would say, dark, elfie, hot and sexy.
So go buy the new stockings, they are mad hot..

HAIR: .+*Jule*+.Black&Silver [MS]
SKIN: *League* Skin Pale/Dark -Misty- Classic
SHIRT: Narwhal – Stop Slouching
SKIRT: *Linc* Low Mini Jeans Skirt Stripe High
NECKLACE: * (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Chain
BRACELETS: * (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Wrist Strap [P/a] SUGGESTIVE -Bracelet/RED-
SHOES: PornStar Hi-Tops – UBU
STOCKING: *Linc* Half Fishnet Stockings Black

“the sweater” by meryn cadell

August 12, 2009


Monday, wear the sweater to school
Be calm, look cute
Don’t tell him about the dream you had
about the place the two of you would share
when you get older
Just be yourself
The best, cutest, quietest version of yourself
Definitely wear lip gloss

This has to be one of the best songs I have heard in a while, I can’t remember where I found it but it is way worth taking a look. There is no singing, just spoken words to music. But it tells a great story, and it is super hilarious. Really speaks to those awkward girls. *grins*

SKIN:*League* Skin Pale/Dark -Misty- Classic
HAIR: >TRUTH Hair< Esme >black & whites<
BANDAIDS: Reek – I Heart Bandaid (Knees)
OUTFIT:  nM Skipping Stones Prize (Skipping Stones Hunt) Creator Draco Nacht.
SHOES: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
GLASSES: (NO) Grandpa Glasses (Brown&Black)


See the video here.


July 30, 2009


After all you put me through
You’d think I’d despise you
But in the end I wanna thank you
‘Cause you made that much stronger

HAIR: ::DK:: [Blacks] Katya
SKIN: *League* Skin Medium -Misty- Wrecked
BOXING GEAR: Dirty Cute – Newblood
SHORTS:WWI Rock N Roll Outfit
SHOES: UBU Xtra Pornstars
TATTOO: Made By Kaedi James


just a pain in the ass..

July 29, 2009


I don’t understand I thought you’d never last
and all the questions that I thought you’d never ask
and all my tolerance it disappeared so fast
it’s not my fault I’m just a pain in the ass



On Sin
HOODIE: Atomic: Canary Hoodie Green
BELT:Atomic: Music Belt
NECKLACE: Fear and Clothing: Linked Loops Silver Homme
FINGERTAPE: SiniStyle Taped Fingers with Black Nails
JEANS: League: Ripped 78s Mens- Warm Blue
TATOO: Garden of Ku: Tattoo Rock& Beer
SKIN: Abyss Revelation 2
BANDANA: by Candeebee Bade, Unreleased
PIERCINGES: Sebastian by skinPoP
SHOES: Chucks Sugar Skull by Naith Smit Designs



On Me
SKIN: Vive9 Miranda Glow
HAIR: >TRUTH Hair< Elle >black & whites<
SHIRT:  .:Hermony:. TShirt Horny Black (female)
TATOOS: Garden of  Ku Rock & Beer
BRACELETS: SiniStyle Studded Bracelets x2
JEANS: *League* Garage Jeans – Cool Blue
SHOES: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops