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Virginia Girls..

July 15, 2010

Currently Listening To~Katy Perry~California Gurls
California gurls
(Virginia Gurls!)
We’re unforgettable
Daisy Dukes
Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot
We’ll melt your Popsicle
Oooooh oh oooooh

~On MeH~
SKIN ~ [Plastik]- 50L Fridays- Sohri- Female.
HAIR~ Maitreya Bo – Blacks Pack
EARS ~ [Plastik]- 50L Fridays- Sohri- Female.
FEET ~ J’s flip-flap & Barefoot(White)
BATHING SUIT 4 ~ Thimbles
BATHING SUIT 5 ~ Doppelganger Inc.
Poses ~ <porcupine love>


Ain’t No Sunshine–Bill Withers

August 27, 2009


Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.
It’s not warm when she’s away.
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And she’s always gone too long anytime she goes away.

Wonder this time where she’s gone,
Wonder if she’s gone to stay
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And this house just ain’t no home anytime she goes away.

So, a few days ago, Miss AtomicSparkle Skytower the beautiful creator of Atomic Bambi, sent me a book. Being the retard that I am, I couldn’t work it. So I pulled it back out last night in a place that allows scrips of all things and took a look at it. Wow. If yall have never seen it before, yall need to get a book from her store and buy some hair flowers. They are stunning. For a cute little summer outfit like today, or to wear in your hair at your wedding. They work for anytime, and just so you know.. they are elf friendly.

HAIR: >TRUTH Hair< Romy >black & whites<
SKIN: [PF] Raine <Almond> Scene
OUTFIT:*MIU* Charlotte(yellow)
SHOES:J’s flip-flap & Barefoot(White)
HAIR FLOWERS: AtomicBambi Hair Corsage – Mandalay (Saffron)

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

August 10, 2009


Do you cry out in your sleep
All my failings expose?
Get a taste in my mouth
As desperation takes hold
Is it something so good
Just cant function no more?
When love, love will tear us apart again

Before Chua I used to talk to this boy named Adam, his favorite band was Joy Division, and when Chua came in the picture and sorta took over when Adam and I broke up this was his break up song for me. lol Hi Adam!

SKIN: Vive9 Po [Butternut] Pure Meadow Skin
HAIR: =TEKUTEKU= shake(black)
DRESS: *Linc* Chemise Dress Black w/ white lace
NECKLACE: !BF! Promo Vintage Beach Necklace
FEET:  J’s flip-flap & Barefoot(White)

POSE: Leafy