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Come back when you grow up..

June 29, 2010

~Currently Listening To~ Vee Bobby~ Come Back When You Grow Up Girl~
Come back when you grow up, girl
You’re still livin’ in a paper-doll world
Livin’ ain’t easy, lovin’s twice as tough
So come back, baby, when you grow up

~On MeH~
HAIR ~ Kin-Kasumi-Blonde
SKIN ~  :Curio: Petal-Cupid-Lovelorn
EARS ~ ! V i s a v i – Epigon Ears – Studded
SKIRT ~ Part of Detention Licorice- **CKSD**
SHIRT ~ AOHARU_BT_StripeShirt_White
SOCKS ~ Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – White
VEST ~ Part of {Gisaci} Cambridge – Aufren White wWhite
HEELS ~  [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps (Black)


Just another saturday night..

June 29, 2010

~On MeH~
HAIR ~ Kin-Kasumi-Blonde
SKIN ~  :Curio: Petal-Cupid-Lovelorn
EARS ~ ! V i s a v i – Epigon Ears – Studded
PJS ~ -SU!- Candy Pajama 01
HEADGEAR ~ -RC- Orthodontic Corrections (boxed)
SOCKS ~ Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – White
HEELS ~  [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps (Black)

The Fishin’ Song

June 26, 2010


~Currently Listening To~I’m Going to Miss Her~Brad Paisley~
Well I love her
But I love to fish
I spend all day out on this lake
And hell is all I catch
Today she met me at the door
Said I would have to choose
If I hit that fishin’ hole today
She’d be packin’ all her things
And she’d be gone by noon

~On MeH~
HAIR ~  fri. – Kate – Blonds
SKIN ~ :Curio: Petal-Cupid-Lovelorn
EARS ~ ! V i s a v i – Epigon Ears – Studded
CIG ~ FNKY! Cigarette II
BIKINI ~ *Linc* Ibizia Bikini Tartan
SHORTS ~ [SC] Surf Couture – Rolled Denim Shorts – Light
SHOES ~  [SC] Surf Couture – Desert Sandals – Original

fck me like an animal

April 28, 2010

you let me violate you
you let me desecrate you
you let me penetrate you
you let me complicate you

i want to fuck you like an animal
i want to feel you from the inside
i want to fuck you like an animal
my whole existence is flawed
you get me closer to god

HAIR ~ >TRUTH< Makenzie –  black & whites
SKIN ~ :Curio: Petal-Cupid-Lovelorn
DRESS ~ [ AYUMI ] Kitsch – Zebra
EARS ~ ! V i s a v i – Epigon Ears – Studded
HORNS AND HOOVES ~  Snow Faun Titania’s Court by Riann Maltese
BRACELETS ~*Urbanity* Bangle Madness *gold/green* and [} Jasha {] Tahta Bracelet II – Silver
COLLAR ~ BlackStar Inc. ~Choker~ key to my heart sellpic

Silver and Cold

March 12, 2010

Currently Listening To: AFI- Silver and Cold
Light, like the flutter of wings, feel your hollow voice rushing into me
As you’re longing to sing
So I… I will paint you in silver, I will wrap you in cold
I will lift up your voice as I sink

Hey y’all! So I decided that I was going to play around with my shape a bit and make a fluffier version of myself. I also played around with my face a bit, I guess I got a little tired of the old me. And my friend Enju came over to play so I made him stand around while I took pics. He is super adorable so it was mad worth it!! I was reading Chilly and Kissy’s blog the other day when Kissy posted these jean shorts and oh my sweet baby jesus I loved them!! I have not taken them off since I bought them. They show off the new assimusmaxumus to the max! I freaking adore them. I paired them with the watermelon shirt from reek because everyone needs a little rainbows and sunshine every once and a while.. ❤

~On Enju~
SKIN ~ DEN-DOU | boys II Rock – Pale – Clean
TATTOO ~ Nekgo Design Tattoo 57 | Wolf Haka
HAIR ~ Girtty Kitty | Abel – brown
EARS ~ Illusions | Mystic Ear
NECKLACE ~ Kotolier Freebie
ARMBAND ~ Yabusaka | Alphabet Arm Band
BELT ~ :Sey | Carving Leather Pants Belt
SHIRT ~  Aituit | Three4th the Wizard
TANK ~ :Sey | Tanktop Emperor
JEANS ~ Aituit | Tokyo Jeans
BOOTS ~ :Sey | Layer’s boots in Snow

~On Me~
HAIR ~ *ARGRACE* Beanie –  Long Straight – Black
SKIN ~ :Curio: Petal-Cupid-Lovelorn
EARS ~ [ATOMIC] Mystic Elven  – Feather
SHIRT ~ Reek – Rawr & Bangin Tees – GIRLS
SHORTS ~ ALESSANDRA – Ultra Low Rise Jeans Shorts – BLACK
SOCKS ~ *KL* Kneehigh Socks Argyle Frenzy 01
SHOES ~  PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 (Boxed)
BANDAIDS ~ Reek – I Heart Bandaid (Knees)
BRACELETS ~ [/AMBUSH/] Candy Bracelets – Cotton Candy
>>> moloko <<< Cuffs Studded Punk Pink small right
COLLAR ~ Xcite! ToKon Tintable Fish Cat Collar

Need You Now

March 3, 2010

Currently listening to: Need You Now- Lady Antebellum
Another shot of whiskey can’t stop looking at the door
Wishing you’d come sweeping in the way you did before
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk and I need you now
Said I wouldn’t call but I lost all control and I need you now
And I don’t know how I can do without
I just need you now


~On Me~
SKIN : :Curio: Petal-Cupid-Lovelorn
TOP : *Linc* The Hotness Bikini Skullieh
PANTS : [GearShift] – subZERO cargo shorts – PLUNDER
SHOES : PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
WRISTBANDS : .:Hermony:. – Studded Wristband (black)
BELTS : Reek – I Heart Themes Belt
EARS : :GAUGED: Elven Ears[Tunnels]
POSES and PHONE : * GLITTERATI – Profile photo

Santa Baby.

December 25, 2009


Think of all
The fun I’ve missed
Think of all the boys
I haven’t kissed
Next year I could be
Just as good
If you check off
My Christmas list

Merry Christmas all! XOXO ❤ Rea

HAIR : [SC Hair] Pam (Long) – Darks
SKIN : :Curio: Happy Holidays from Gala ❤
DRESS : {paper.doll} Santa’s Secretary
SHOES : BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

screwed and tattooed..

August 3, 2009



Hey, it’s Chua.  Rea’s on pills and acting funny, so I’m “helping.” 

Check out sweet new tats by Kaedi James.  She does a hell of a job, and you’ll have a lot of fun showing them off.  (Believe me.)   She’s got some whimsical themes and they’re all pretty colorful to boot.   It’s good stuff, yo.


HAIR: Maitreya – Aimee
SKIN: :Curio: Sundust-June-Doe
GLASSES: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses
LIP PIERCING: AddiCt- Single Lower Marilyn
SHOES: N-core HIGH SCHOOL XtremeHeel Black


(Hey its Rea, sorry about the missing socks, I blame the pain meds.)

a cigarette pressed between her lips, but i’m staring at her..

July 6, 2009

panties_004 copy

She took a hike it don’t matter if I like it or not
Because she only wants the wrong way
I gave her all that I had to give
But she still wouldn’t take it, oh no
Her two brown eyes are leaking like a sieve
But it still ruins her make-up
panties_001 copy

On Chua

Underwear – *Zanzo* – Hello! Kity boxer briefs
Slippers – She’s So Unusual Shoes – Noob Head Slipper
Skin – Belleza – Miguel Med 7-E (hair)
Necklace – SiniStyle Dog Tags
Hair – Discord Designs – Travis Long (Onyx)

panties_005 copy


On Moi
HAIR: Tiny Bird – Gattina – Haver Pack
SKIN: [D-Skin] D-Skin62_F1_E1_L2
PIERCINGS: [-iPoke-] Dirty
NECKLACE: SiniStyle Sculpted Dog Tags
SHIRT: AOHARU_BT_CheckLongShirt_Black
BOXERS: *Linc* Boxers Freebie
SLIPPERS: Bunny Slippers (white) GB (Found on Slx Creater Jenia Karu)

panties_003 copy

so what, I’m still a rockstar..

July 5, 2009


So I had this idea in my head what a rockstar should look like and I was looking at the fashion feeds and came across Stokley’s blog and he had this hair from Aitui. It is so perfect! I saw the boots on some chick looking around the Linc store. They are from Tart which happens to be one of my favorite stores when I am looking for naughty gear. I couldn’t find them inworld, but my computer is being a shit head so I may have just missed them, but they are available on slx the maker is Nessinger Loveless. And well the belt just makes me wanna go drum something. Or something. lol.



HAIR: Aitui – Hair – Minos’ Deceit /Black + Blond/
SKIN: :Curio: Sundust-June-Doe
GLASSES: [ glow ] Studio designs – SummerGlow glasses
NECKLACE: SiniStyle Sculpted Dog Tags
ARMBAND: Magika – Leather bow: Upper Arm
TOP: *League* Bella Desastre Tops- Black
BRACERS: .:[S]:. Wiring Bracelets Left and Right (BOX)
PANTS: Boingo Black Metallic Hipsters
BELT: [ATOMIC] Music Belt_Black
BOOTS: TART bound platform-black
PIERCINGS: [-iPoke-] Dirty
GUITAR: Creater is  Myriam Beck on Slx  and FREE!!